Thursday, July 28, 2011

An Introduction

I am a 30-something girl who's just trying to figure life out.  I am lucky and blessed enough to to be a wife to one, mother of two, sister and aunt to many (or too many depending on the day).  I'm married to a really great guy who will be referred to as J.Crew from here on out.  We have two really great sons:  The Producer who's 5 and Adrenalin Junky who's 4.  We live it up on the West Coast of the United States.  J.Crew works his butt off to provide for our family.  I stay home and try and balance raising and nurturing our kids, keeping the house in some semblance of order and feeling fulfilled not only as a wife and mom but also as a person.

This is my non-sugar coated take on life, family, raising kids, and trying to better myself and the world around me- with or without a cape and tiara- but not without my lexapro.  So come join the ride!

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