Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Speaking of Thanksgiving

Can I share some of the things that I'm incredibly thankful for.  Obviously there are the basics:  my family, my religion, living in a free country, freedom, J.Crews job that provides for our family and allows me to be home with our children, the teachers, friends and neighbors that surround us (although not ALL our neighbors).  But here are a few small things that I'm specifically thankful for.

Kleenex Cottonelle Fresh Wipes
After doing ones business is there anything better than knowing
that you are completely clean and fresh?!  I don't know how I 
lived without Cottonelle Fresh Wipes.  Yes, it's a luxury but man it's
a luxury that I'm REALLY thankful for. 

Potato Ricer by William Sonoma

Have I mentioned J.Crew's love (borderline obsession) with
CREAMY mashed potatoes?!  Yes, he could eat them ALL 
the time.  So when I saw a product demonstration at William 
Sonoma for this contraption I knew it was a necessary item for
our kitchen.  And the best part is that he happily assists in the mashing.

Starbucks Carmel Apple Cider with Carmel de Leche.
I am not a coffee drinker.  In part this is because it goes
against the code of health supported by my religion.  But
more so because the smell literally makes me gag.  Hot or 
cold coffee in any form do not appeal to me.  But that does
not mean that I do not do my part to help Starbucks bottom
line.  A friend introduced me to this little number and when it
gets chilly out I love snuggling in my cozy pajamas (see below)
and drinking this liquid dessert.  Mmm, maybe J.Crew will be doing 
a Starbucks run tonight after the kids are in bed.  =)

Soma Intimates Sleepwear:  Embracable Star Lace top and bottoms.
Last year I bought myself pajamas from Soma Intimates.
Excellent purchase!  They are cute, comfy and SO soft.  
They are warm but not TOO warm.  Favorite pajamas EVER.
I am SUPER thankful for my cute pajamas.
These are the ones that I hope to get this year for Christmas.

Clorox FreshCare Dish Cloths
You know that smell that comes from your sink when your dear
husband leaves a wet dish cloth in the sink after washing a nasty
dish.  Well these won't eliminate that problem completely
but it will delay that nasty smell for quite some time.  I am
thankful for these cloths and lets admit it Clorox bleach in general.

So what's on your thankful list?

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