Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boys vs Girls: Mermaid Edition

Growing up I loved summer and swimming.  Having my siblings and most of my cousins who were close to my age being girls meant that swimming involved lots of pretend.  And one of our favorite swimming past times was pretending to be mermaids (with George Washington hair).  We would flip our fins around and dive under the water.  I spent numerous hours pretending to be Ariel or any number other of her fictitious friends. 

Fast forward many years and I took my boys to the pool with one of their friends.  Within 5 minutes they were playing their own variation of mermaids.  This involved capturing the "bad and evil mermaids" and "destroying and killing them" with their "bombs".  When I asked the boys about this they did make the distinction that they were only offing the bad mermaids- it just so happened that our pool only had bad mermaids.  Maybe we should consider moving when our community pool is infested with evil mermaids. 

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