Monday, August 1, 2011

A New School Tradition

The Producer starts Kindergarten in a few weeks.  I really can hardly believe that he's already starting school.  I vacillate between being so excited for him and being terrified for him.  I know that he's ready emotionally, socially and educationally and is really excited to starting school.  He may not be the smartest kid in his class (we live in an area where 3 years of preschool is the average.  And we're talking college tuition level preschool.) but he's smart and a good worker.  I know he'll be successful.  I worry about the habits he'll pick up, that he'll get his feelings hurt, or that kids will be mean to him, or he'll be left out or a million other ridiculous things.  I just love him so much and know that he'll have to learn how to deal with disappointment and difficulty.  It's not a fun process but necessary and I'm not looking forward to watching him go through it. I just wish I could shield him from the negativity of life.  This is not possible so I just hope to create a stable and supportive haven for him to come home to. 

I love family traditions and look for any and all excuses to create fun traditions for the boys.  I also feel it's really important to spend time with the boys individually and build meaningful relationships with each of them.  So in that spirit I've decided to start a new school tradition.

Later this week I'm taking The Producer on a date.  We're going to go hit up Target and get all his school supplies, then we'll head over to the mall and let him pick out an outfit for the first day of school, and finish the morning with a lunch of his choice.  I've arranged for Adrenaline Junky to go play at a friends house (which he loves to do).  It's nothing earth shattering but The Producer is looking forward to his date and so am I. 

Sometimes I think that making memories for the boys doesn't involve planning super special events (although those are fun too and I'm always game for a super special event) but making every day tasks a little special.

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Scott said...

I thouroghly enjoyed reading every tidbit as you are definitely a writter! I was there and could never put it into words like you did. I will enjoy keeping up with your life from across the country. Love, you know who