Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Now I'm not talking about that funny sitcom with Joel McHale although really lets discuss how HILARIOUS it is for a second.  I have a little bit of a crush on Joel McHale because he's cute, sarcastic, witty, smart, and funny- basically a taller blonder version of J.Crew.  Then there's Chevy Chase.  Really I think the casting is phenomenal and the dialogue is (typically) quick and right on.  Now I will admit that I'm a bit cautious because last season it started to lose me when they had a 2 week long cultural reference/paintball season finale.  And the fact that Chevy isn't going to have as much of a role doesn't help their case.  So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they can regain my attention because when it was good it was always a good reason to look forward to Thursdays.

But back to the topic at hand.  Community.  We have EXCELLENT neighbors.  It took a little while for us to meet them and really get to know them.  Then it was the same struggle that always exists when you build a relationship- reminding me again how I hated the dating scene.  There was the dance; you invite them to a playdate at a neutral location then wait for the return playdate.  This moves on to playdates in your home, and places together.  You don't want to appear too needy and clingy so you continue to make other playdates and keep your schedule fairly full but still accept invitations.  And the conversations!  You don't want to reveal ALL your neurosis upfront so you keep it benign- talk about the kids, labor stories, celebrity gossip, etc.  And then there's the big test- THE FAVOR.  It always happens at an inopportune time when you've run out of options and you're forced to put the friendship to the test.   Ours unfortunately came twice in a week!  The second time was yesterday.

The Producer was at school and I had an hour before it was time to go get him.  Long story short I slept through about a dozen alarms/phone calls and woke up 5 minutes AFTER I should have gotten him.  About 7 of those phone calls were our dear neighbor checking on us (her child is in class with The Producer) and we usually go and pick up the kids together.  She not only was checking on us but also was waiting with The Producer so he wasn't scared or worried and then brought him home once she talked to me and knew I was fine and late.  What a great neighbor!  That she was watching out for my family means SO much.

I think everyone goes through times where they realize that as reliant as they try to be on themselves and family  we all need help sometimes.  We've all been in situations where we've been disappointed by communities (whether it's religious, sports, or mom groups) that have let us down by being judgmental, exclusionary or just not there when we needed them.  It may make us gun shy the next time around but I think it gives us the opportunity to be SO appreciative when you have that community of people that care about you, your family and are looking out for your best interest. 

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steveandjonelle said...

I had this same thought yesterday when I took Carter to the doctor. Several people were opening and closing doors for me. Someone offered to hold my crying baby while I helped my crying 3 year old get a chest x-ray. There are so many kind and helpful people out there!